The space in between

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Now that is a sunset…

Now this is a lobby… (at 11 Penn Plaza)

A nice Saturday stroll through the Huntington Library gardens. #nature #lotsofit

Awww yeah, guess what just got put in the fridge!!!! Tasty goodness that will be saved for a special occasion. #beer #parabola #firestone

Played poker last night in the very beautiful Mountain View Mausoleum. Such an amazing work of architecture and artistry.

Time for something smooth. Can you guess? Hint, it’s Belgian. Hint two, it is made by monks. Give up?

Guess what time it is? Whe’yat? De’y’go! #Brian

A nice late afternoon stroll. (at Thornhill Broome Beach)

How does pork go from simple to a flavor explosion?  In three easy steps.

Step 1: the rub


Next, add 14 hours of low & slow que…

Step 2: the rest


Step 3: the eats, or as aforementioned the taste explosion


Just add a cold beer and enjoy.